09 March 2016

World Wildlife Day in Narok

We attended World Wildlife Day in Narok, and also handed out over 1000 T-shirts to various organizations and children as well as managing to do a bit of mingling within the crowds as well. Always good to get a letter of appreciation from the authorities.

The Maasai Mara university wildlife and environmental organization has requested a united front with us and we will gladly align with them as much as is possible and may call on their assistance if and when required. The formation of alliances in these regards is always beneficial, as well as being educational. We are now making time to do an educational talk with the members and see how we can move forward with community conservation in the area.

We've also made a small contribution to KWS and supplied their local nKeneji base with decent tires for their vehicle to ensure continued patrols. Any vehicular problems they have we are taking care of at our workshop on a regular basis, all in the spirit of cooperation and environmental welfare.

It's a busy time for us but headway is being made. Keeping the horns high!