03 March 2016

Olarro Conservancy Expansion

We can finally put up a map now. The area to the left depicted in darker green is the new Greater Olarro conservancy and to the right, the existing Little Olarro conservancy, hopefully soon to be joined by the corridor in between. Both areas are to be fully managed by the existing Olarro team. Incorporated in the area are other independently operating entities as well.

The Olarro Greater conservancy initiative arose when management realised that, due to overpopulation of wildlife in certain areas, because of pressure from human populations, and environmental degradation due to illegal sand harvesting and vegetation destruction, a larger conservation area was required for the sustainability of our area. We were offered the opportunity to negotiate within the long proposed informal Siana conservancy by the community, due to our relationship with them and our proven past reliability. After a huge undertaking of leasing land from over 2000 members with help from our Dubai team and community members, the area was successfully legally contracted as conservancy. The Siana area was set aside by the community as a conservancy area many years ago, and having been dormant without proper environmental management, was the obvious choice for the extension of Olarro.

Olarro is now soon to be fully managing and regulating the new Greater Olarro area with the new ranger bases almost complete and infrastructure being finalised. 25 new rangers are waiting on the ranger bases completion, with uniforms, vehicles, motorcycles, radio communication devices and much more arriving daily to start in the new area. Training will begin soon and a small force of specially trained rangers will be utilised as a reaction force for anti-poaching and conflict resolution, amongst other law enforcement duties. The primary ranger force will be utilised in livestock control, conservation duties and environmental monitoring and reporting, also acting as a backup to the reaction force.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and we will be concentrating heavily on the reestablishment of the environment, grazing and wildlife incidents. Everything will be in our existing model of sustainability for the environment, wildlife and community.
Funds are being awaited for the creation and establishment of the 2 new boreholes, serving residents and the community. Projects which we are solely undertaking with no return except community upliftment.

Depicted on the map are our proposed ranger camp areas and our new portable Headquarters. In association with various environmental and socio-economic experts and Olarro management, management plans have been submitted to NEMA, KWS and CWCCC with conservancy by-laws and policies soon to follow to ensure the creation of a model environmental conservation example with the legal ability to enforce the policies.

We hope to extend our current conservancies success into the new area to effectively work hand in hand with other conservancies to build and create a successful Maasai Mara environment, something which has been a long time coming in our area.